i'm excited to see what God's gonna do

Thanks so much for everything this weekend...it was really good and i really felt God's presence there...this was by far my the best sr. high retreat (spiritually) yet...i'm excited to see what God's gonna do in my life now...thanks so much again for everything!!!!!!!

Janelle, Youth

thanks for your time

Mike, thanks for your time with us this weekend. It really ment a lot to me and I'm sure it ment a lot to the rest of the Youth. You are a great speaker. You taught me a lot and it felt really great to cry Saturday night. I would love to see you back next year.

ryan, YOUTH

different ways God spoke to her

So I just got off the phone with my sister, and she couldn't stop talking about the retreat this weekend. She went on and on about the different ways God was speaking to people and the different ways God spoke to her. She is beginning to think and process things through God's eyes and I am amazed at the things she is learning.

I want to Thank You so much for allowing God to use you. I have been blessed to experience God working through you, and I am so grateful to be able to share that experience with her. You have such a special gifting and ability, and our youth group is very blessed to have been moved by your ministry.

Ashley, YOUTH

i was begining to lose myself

Hi Mike, This is Alysha. I got your email from your burnedforGod.com website. I didn't get much time to talk to you over the weekend but I'd like to thank you for taking the time and coming to speak with us. I heard you speak for the first time at last year's Sr. High retreat and I was really surprised because I've heard many speakers before and none of them had made me really think, or make a huge impact, but you really opened up my eyes.  

I just wanted to thank you because I was beginning to lose myself in other worldly things and this weekend really showed me that I am able to change. After feeling God's spirit, I decided to take some time and get to know God more by dating him so our relationship can be built back up again. I realized he should be my number one and that nothing should be put before him. I hope that I will be able to hear you speak again sometime in the future! :) Once again thanks so much! 

Alysha, Youth

just one of the quiet kids

Hey! This is Melita- just one of the quiet kids who sat in the front for the sessions. LOL, but I wanted to talk to you during the retreat this weekend, but never seemed to find the opportunity. :(

I just wanted to tell you a little bit of my story of the past year and how you had effected it!! Last year when I was worshipping, and listening to you speak, I just started shaking and crying and I really felt like the God and I were just drawing close. I started having this freedom. And a couple times throughout they year I have gotten this same shaking, unsettled feeling, but I think it's the Spirit of God moving me. I don't always listen, but when I do, it rocks!! And one night I was just so fed up and tired.. I didn't really want to do devotions, but I just took time to praise God and suddenly all my worries were lifted. It was an intense moment of prayer even though I wasn't saying anything. I wasn't really thinking anything, God was just reading my heart........... SO COOL!!!

And after your lesson about the olive oil and how the olives have to be beaten to make oil, I started ACTUALLY PRAYING for trials and tribulations in my life. And for a time it seemed like God laid it on, and made my faith stronger. And as I look back great things happened that year that weren't of my own initiation. My atheist friend asked me about Jesus, and we had a conversation. I found out my other friend was agnostic. I got a great mentor. There are so many highs and lows, but over all this past year has been so cool. Thanks for your passion and energy that you chose to invest in us. I know you prayed over me last year and just made me feel for the 10 minutes we talked that all was well with my world, because God was at the center.

I"ve been learning about spiritual warfare a lot lately, and God is definitely on the move, but Satan is too. It was cool how everything you were saying tied in to what we were talking about in Sunday School or what I have been thinking about. And on Saturday, I was just on my knees before God (a posture He told me I should assume more often) and then I just really felt like I needed a hug. And I was kinda resisting going up to anyone and stuff. Then my leader just came up and put her arm around me. It was such a great reminder of God knowing what we need before we ask! Wow. This is turning into a HUGE email. LOL

And then I just went and talked to your fiancé for like 3 sentences about how I felt God was stressing unity and letting me know that we are brothers and sisters, and we just embraced each other. You two are so cool!!!

And could you please say a special prayer for me today, that my heart will be undivided in my pursuit of God? 

Thanks again : )

Melita, Youth

April 2012 Update

Hey Mike. 

I know that I haven't emailed you in like a long time. You may not even remember me, but I just wanted to thank you and give you a quick update into the life of Melita,  aka quiet girl from Cross Roads. I know that your life has changed in a big way since we've last seen you. I bet your little girl is amazing and growing at a mind blowing rate. I hope that she continues to teach you many many things :) 

For me, the past four years have flown by. I mean, everyone said they would, but wow! Anyway, I am now a senior, trudging through the last few months of high school and spending a lot of time preparing for and thinking about the future. 

I just wanted to let you know that next year I am attending Lancaster Bible College and majoring in Student Ministry. It is a strange mix of emotions and thoughts at this point. I feel so privileged that God has led me to this place. Yet at the same time there are days that I feel totally unqualified to minister to ANYONE! It is definitely a unique journey, but I am committed to it. So, I just wanted to take this time to thank you for the part you have played in my spiritual formation. 

I still have the 3 packets from the retreats you spoke at. I was looking back at them the other day and remembering those retreat weekends. And what really stuck out to me was not the specific lessons and concepts in the packet. What stuck out was the simple fact that I gained so much from those retreats-- and this was because I SPENT TIME WITH AN OPEN HEART IN THE PRESENCE OF GOD! What a great lesson. God revealed to me that He longs to reveal Himself to me like that every day. Revelation and breakthrough comes through simple faith and discipline. So yeah. 

So, I'm not completely sure what all that means for you or why I decided to email you. But but like I said, I wanted to let you know what is next for me and I wanted to thank you again for your influence. 

i felt Gods presents for the first time

Mike I just wanted to say thank you for helping me open my eyes and my heart to the Great Lord ......I felt Gods presents for the first time and I'm hoping its not the last time.....my life was going down hill I was doing drugs and things that I regret .......I walked the dark path and it was horrible .......now I've been going to the Life Center with my friends and I've been trying to go to church but  the Youth Retreat is where everything happened.......I mean before the Youth retreat I use to see God as just a figure and nothing more.....but now I see him as my savor and as my Father....I see everyone from the Life Center as not only my friends but as my family......Not only did you help me open my eyes you helped me gain the courage to fight my old self and take off the mask to allow God into my heart....I just want to say Thank you for everything for not only the help but for the support and just being there for me and my newly found family. 

Skyler, Youth

if you are weary in ministry, doing it wrong

The Christian Education team was recognized, honored, and treated to a wonderful speaker, who has been called to be a piece of this clay, molded by God - our potter. 

On May 15 - we gathered to hear Michael Burns, counselor & consultant, who has served in a pastoral role in a variety of ways. While Michael's focus and passion is through youth - his message to us - not only as CE teachers, but as adults brought ideas that will resonate, lead us to new thinking and take us further in our journey with the youth in our church and in our own faith and relationship with the Holy Spirit. 

A few thoughts that were definite "take aways" for me - made me reflect - tidbits like...
"God bless America...America should also bless God"
"Ritual alone doesn't get you to Christ"
"Testimonials are incredible lessons"
"If you are tired and weary in the teaching of the Lord, you are doing it wrong"
"Grow faith - inch by inch"

As Michael walked with us during this retreat, he provided dynamic views on how he has been inspired in coming to God and expressed how important we are in leading our youth to God. 

I believe I can speak on behalf of the Christian Education team - we were BLESSED to have had this time with Michael Burns. 

Anne Marie, Youth Worker

whenever you speak I feel like i'm...

Hi Mike, 

Just wanted to thank you so much for coming this weekend to speak to us. I wrote to you last year after you came and I just had to again. Whenever you speak I feel like I'm closer to God, and this weekend was just what I needed to help move forward and use the crisis's in my life to my advantage instead of letting them bring me down. I now know what I have to do to get back my relationship with God and I'm just so joyful because if it wasn't for your lesson this weekend I don't know what I path I would of been taking. Thanks so much!

Alysha, Youth

i even put a bunch of quotes by you...

hey michael :) i'm Sarah, i talked to you yesterday, Sunday, on the retreat. i told you about my crisis, w/ my mom having cancer, and God speaking to me, and growing closer to God through that crisis. 

i'm just gonna be honest, i absolutely HATE leaving retreats!! I always feel so connected and so much closer to God on retreats, you know just having the support of everyone else. and a few weeks after i leave the retreat, i don't feel as connected. i know it is my own fault, not God's. so i get really frustrated and mad at myself. 

long story long, haha i am wondering if you could possibly pray for me?? pray that i stay connected. thanks sooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it means a lot. i even put a bunch of quotes by you on my facebook!! haha :P

Sarah, Youth

listening and Obedience

First of all I want to thank you for coming to speak to us and hang out. And Mike, thank you for always smiling. It's awesome. And for the little punches when you go by. It speaks volumes. 

Anyway, When I hear you talking about your life and your calling and all that you are involved in, I can't help but notice your complete obedience to the will and call of God. And I want to be obedient. I know I need to be obedient. But where I feel like I just hit a brick wall is in listening to God. I just don't see pictures or words, or have distinct visions or hear an audible voice. maybe that is something to look forward to and develop through simply spending more time with my LORD. 

but, i was wondering if you had something to say to me about listening to God and hearing His answers as i make decisions and stuff. 
Thanks a million :)

Melita, Youth

i remembered my crisis

Heyy i just wanted to say thank you soooo much for giving up your time for 4 years in a row to spend time w/ us. it has really been amazing and lots of fun...today i was thinking about whats all happened over the last 4 years (since the first time i heard you speak) and so much has happened in my life...some good and some bad...i have had so many crisises in those years...i lost my uncle and both of my grandpas...which hit me really hard...but made me go to God even though i was really angry at Him for it...over the years my walk w/ God has been up and down...but what makes me happy is that i've continued to follow Him and trust Him...but on Saturday night God told me soooooo many things...the first hit me when you asked me what i am planning on doing next year...i've been worry about that for so long cus i'm not really sure whether it should be missions or school...and i turned to Jeremiah 29:11 and that was the verse i meditated on...and God was just told me that i need to stop worrying and continue seeking his will...then i was praying for my school and the prayer group...that something amazing would happen and just giving the prayer group over to God and letting Him take it where He wants it to go...that was so good for me to do because i've been really stressing and draining myself lately w/ planning stuff...but i feel like i have so much energy for this now and that it's gonna be amazing :) then i just felt like there was something else i was supposed to do but i wasn’t sure what...and i started looking over the packet...and i remembered my crisis w/ the death of my uncle and grandpas...and i was reminded by God that i never got over that anger i had towards him...so i had an awesome time of prayer w/ God while letting go of all that anger i had just pushed aside thinking that if i forgot it it would go away...but now i feel so much better and i realize that that was what was holding me back from getting closer to God...and now i'm really excited to see what's gonna happen next :) again thank you so much for everything you've said these last 4 years!!

Janelle, Youth

you responded by asking how his prayer life was

Hi Michael,

I just wanted to say thanks for your Healing for the Healers seminar at Impact this past week. It was very raw and something I really needed. God really showed me last week that I have been trying to do things on my own and what you said about having your priorities straight was perfect. 

It really hit me when that one Youth Worker told you about some struggles in the church he was working in and you responded by asking how his prayer life was. 

I believe in the power of prayer but you wouldn't know it by my prayer life. It has been refreshing getting back into God's Word and praying to Him in a raw and real way. 

David, Youth Worker

taught me a lot more

Hey i wanted to thank you for coming out the past 5 nights. And tonight was very emotional! And all the other nights taught me a lot more than i thought i could ever learn! Keep ur head up!!! :)

Tiphanie, Youth

you hit a home run


Sorry we had to leave early last night, baby was tired...lol was sleepin' by the time we got home like 3mins away :)...anyway just wanted to let you know i feel you hit a home run with the "poser" point! Callin' EVERYBODY to pull back the mirrored blinders and step up in our faith as a living, moving church of Christ (big C) :)

Jason, Youth Worker

love and desire i have for God

Hey Mike,

I just wanted to say thank you for that weekend. ever since the retreat i really feel like i have been hearing god talking to me more(and being able to hear him). i also have been enjoying devotions more than i ever have! I really loved the energy you had about the old testament. Like the stories about Paul and a bunch of other stories i had know idea were even in the bible. And also you really made me think of the bible as like a favorite hobby..and you made the bible sound so "cool" to me!That retreat was much different for me then any other retreat cause usually that Saturday night, when we have that quiet time together, i usually think about the regrets that i have and things that i need to change about myself. but THAT Saturday night i just didn't feel that feeling that i usually had(compared to other retreats). So that sorta surprise me. i wondered if i actually was gonna learn something that was going to really change me. But i def did! The love and desire i have for god and reading the bible has really been increasing and i thank God for that. Thanks again man!

Austin, Youth

"Letter to God"

Hey I wrote this Saturday night and thought you would like to read it.

Father God,
I want you more than anything. Rule my life take everything. What you give me I will thank you for. What you take I will praise you for getting rid of the the bail. All I want is you. More of you in my life. More lord just more of you. To hear you. To really feel that I don't have to worry. That what I say and what I do matches with your word. All I want to do with my life is to glorify you. To show your light to the world. Take my life and do what you want. If you take anything away to you be the glory. If you give me more than I need to you be the glory. I surrender everything. I know the cost and I want to pay it. I want what you want.

Karen, Youth

your stories impacted my life

Thank you sooooo much for being able to come to retreat this weekend! I am soooo glad you were able to come.! Your stories impacted my life in many different ways. I hope that you can come next year and that we will see each other in the future and in heaven.

Megan, Youth

you spoke it really helped me gain confidence

Your message at impact really spoke to me. I was diagnosed with ADHD in second grade. Then was put in speech therapy in third grade for stuttering and I'm still in therapy but after you spoke it really helped make me gain confidence in doing my testimony. Since you were so calm and brave. Your a true inspiration to me.

Emma, Youth

i never knew

Ya. I never knew that someone who is so motivated about God could have found out about him so late in their childhood.

Nathan, Youth

i'm tired of being a (spiritual) zombie

I just want to thank you for your spreading of the word and what God had put through you. I grew up in the church, I believe in God full heartedly but I have been a (spiritual) zombie. Im tired of being a (spiritual) zombie. Thank you and thank God!

Ken, Youth

your story touched so many

You were awesome at Impact! Your story touched so many! Thanks for all you do to share the "Word" with others! God bless you and the work you do!

Kathy, Youth Worker

re-affirming my baptism

I LOVED Mike Burns sermon message last night, and I had the great privilege to sit next to him this morning during worship and have a great convorsation with him then and as well as this afternoon after re-affirming my baptism with a few of my friends from my youth group. This was an Amazing day.

Alex, Youth

uprisefest youth worker tent

I just want to tell you, you did a fantastic job for the youth leaders tent.  We felt so loved and appreciated and just wanted to thank you from us at SBC, we all had an amazing day!!

Kay, YOUTH Worker