David, Youth Speaker, Consultant and Professor

Boston, MA

I heartily recommend Michael Burns to meet the needs of your organization.  Burns is a big guy with a tender heart, a heart that desires to equip, train and mentor others.  Michael has an infectious personality and your group will be impacted whether it's speaking in the larger context or mentoring leaders on a smaller level.  Be prepared for a power packed encounter...

Ted, Healing House

Port Royal, PA

I testify to Michael's character as one who has walked with him as a coach or spiritual dad for about 5 years now.  I have watched him as God has led him into, through and back out of several seasons of shaking, purifying and humbling.  He has been teachable and submissive to the authorities that God has placed in his life... and ultimately to the Father.  With each of these seasons, I have seen Michael's character become more Christ-like and have seen God entrust him with greater anointing and authority.  

In short, my love for and relationship with Mike is based on who he is and not the ministry he has accomplished... so I commend him to you as a trustworthy man of God that will give all that he has in order to live a life of integrity as he pursues Jesus and the plan that He has for his life.

Jerilyn, President of PA Treatment & Healing

Turbotville, PA

Over the past several years that I have known Michael Burns I have been impressed by his incredible love for helping others and his superior leadership skills! He takes great joy in doing whatever he can to bring lost and hurting souls to the saving knowledge and grace of knowing Jesus Christ as their personal Savior! Michael lives out a life of passion and desire to make a difference each and every day! I have witnessed people being naturally drawn to his loving spirit! He is a strong yet sensitive man who has an incredible affinity for reaching the hearts and minds of youth! Michael's infectious enthusiasm and positive disposition makes others want to know more and be a part of what he is involved with!

Jim, Crossfire Youth Ministires

Ephrata, PA

If you are considering Mike to share at your event, consider no more. Mike spoke 5 nights in a row at our Tent Meetings in Reamstown, PA. He was incredible, shared from his heart the Word of God and it spoke to everyone who attended. Everyone was challenged in our walk with the Lord. Our teens love him. It has been a pleasure and a great experience to work with Mike. As I read the other endorsements - all I can say is a hearty.....AMEN!

Thanks for being a great blessing and sharing the Truth with us.

Shannon, Christian Ed Director

Hamburg, PA


There are more, but these are all terms descriptive of Michael Burns.  My ministry and I have been very blessed to have him walk with us in youth ministry.  Though we could not keep him with us very long, his drive and inspiring message stay with us.  I was both humbled and honored to work with him to set up a teaching retreat for our Christian Education staff.  He was very accommodating and a comfort to work with.  And work he did!  We had him speak at the retreat, teach our Teens Class, and give our sermon that weekend.  He put everyone at ease, and even those present throughout our weekend who have questioned the Holy Spirit experienced the feeling of that presence while he was with us.  There is no questioning his burning and desire at the hand of God, and all who work with him are truly blessed.  We look forward to sitting in on future seminars with him, and we would love to see him back with us again in the future!  Blessings to you and Lauri, Mike!!

Robby, Worship Leader

Salisbury, MD

Over the two years under the ministry of Michael Burns I was able to come into the anointing God promises us in his word in 1 John 2:20. His mighty discipleship saw that dozens of youth were led to our church because there was something different about his ministry; it wasn't a watered-down gospel or a people pleasing message...it was the raw Word of God that Michael so boldly proclaimed. The truth was, people were drawn to him  because of his obedience to preach and teach the Word of God uncompromisingly. I know that anyone who spends just an hour with this Man of God, will have a conviction to draw closer to the Lord Jesus Christ, just as he has.

Dwight, Youth Pastor

Elizabethtown, PA

I have been blessed to have Michael Burns be a part of my journey in getting involved in youth ministry.  Michael is a man truly inspired by God to preach the gospel. God has blessed him with great knowledge and wisdom to share with kids and youth workers from all walks of life. He is unashamed to speak the Truth in love and is burned with a passion to raise godly youth to be godly young adults who are passionate about Jesus Christ. 

Jeff, Youth Pastor

Mount Joy, PA

andleaders to take their faith and relationship with God seriously. He is not afraid to speak boldly, and all his talks are solidly built on the Scriptures. Mike understands teenagers, and my teens love him back. Mike has always been easy to work with and very respectful of my wishes as the event planner. Mike's ministry extends beyond student ministry as he has always reached out to my leadership team as well. The Lord is using Mike and his gifts and passions, and I would highly recommend him.